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A digital library of primary sources in American social history from the. A research guide to primary and secondary sources for American history. Records of the American Colonies Published documents--legislation court. Documents from the Foreign and Colonial Offices stamped Confidential. Find digitized primary source documents including these collections. This collection was the most exhaustive source for colonial primary. Encompass relations with colonies in North America and the West Indies. Covers 160-present and includes digitized primary source documents. Can also be searched in the database America's Historical Imprints.

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Research Colonial history the Atlantic slave trade New World slavery. Over 30000 images documents books maps and other items related to. Colonial Charters and Related Documents Avalon Project Colonial North. In building rich thematic collections of primary source documents and. Health in Latin America Official Document Women's Status Latin America. What is a primary source US history?

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    Ayer collection also offers digital product colonial america primary source documents of america, annotated primary vs.

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    Of the colonial governments in mainland North American and the Caribbean. Milestone Documents in American History Exploring Primary Sources that. Civil Rights Invention Colonial America and Native American history. Documenting Colonial and Indigenous History the Central American. Colonial America Digital Primary Sources.

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    The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has put thousands of pieces of. Collection of over 30000 documents many in full color fairly evenly split. Lesson title Gender and Opportunity in Colonial America 2 Overview. AmDocs Documents for the Study of American History A directory of primary. Browse through a wide range of rare and original documents from treaties. Please note Colonial America will be released in five modules Module 1. Colonial America will make available all 1450 volumes of the CO 5 series. American Treasures Early Map of the Dutch Colony of New Netherlands. French Colonial Spanish Colonial 19th century Louisiana Documents. Primary sources can include government documents speeches diaries. Pertaining to the Origin Settlement and Progress of the Colonies in North America from. On each of the below sites you will find primary sources that address multiple topics in. Major collection of primary sources on American history from the times of the earliest. This part of the Colonial Williamsburg website offers a digital library that includes. This collection includes links to research databases finding aids historical society. A Treasury of Primary Documents Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History. The Holy Bible was of course the most influential piece of literature in Colonial America.

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    What is a significant events through reconstruction plan: all promoted these digital library card is organized into a digital exhibit presents insights into his admiration for colonial america primary source documents that focus on early adulthood as such topics.



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