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Remote Learning Mind Sights: Original Visual Illusions, Ambiguities, and Other Anomalies. Get a piece of paper and draw a target similar to the one on the right.

They have wings to fold back and have answers written on one side. You can see how light is white, but it is really made up of many colors. Do concentration, temperature, and pressure contribute to the reaction? Bonus points if you can stump any adults! Just join us, log in, print and teach.

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  1. It provides the link and the questions to be answered by the students by visiting the site.

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      About our Hidden Object Games: Find your calling.

      Answer: With reflection, the light is bouncing back towards you.

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    Air pressure is lower when the air is cooler.

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  3. Which is the most acidic and which is the most basic?

  4. Again, the way the lines are cut out, makes us think a circle is there! When you look at this picture close range you see Albert Einstein. Does it appear to be moving, shimmering, or just making you dizzy? The work these machines help us do is moving a mass over a distance. This filling is what we call rising. Trace over your pencil lines in Sharpie. Where are the wedges in these objects? Cut out and fill in your chlorine piece. Tie a string to the middle of a pencil. They seem to love being fooled in this way. Flash activo o instalado.

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    Ivory soap is special because it floats when other bars of soap sink. When you touch both, the silverware appears to be colder than the cloth. After the video is done, fill in more about each word you wrote down. You can use a calculator.

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    To solve the puzzle, click on the hidden items in the picture.

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    Here are some more images that will help you find your blind spot. Cut out your magnesium piece and fill it in and add it to your collection. When something plays tricks on your eyes it is called an Optical Illusion. Choose any color you wish and paint a wash of color over your drawing. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE THIS ACTIVITY? How they did you explore with someone why. If, you Look Hard, You Can See Both! Stair at the very center crystal ball. Check your supplies list above.

    • You can make your Christmas Thaumatrope WITHOUT printables if you wish. Most plants have green leaves, but leaves can be different colors. You can test another liquid and try and make a taller tower of liquids. Make your own blind spot BOOKMARKS here. Complete the second task.

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    Make sure you scroll down to the animated picture and see how the alternating current changes the poles so that the rotor is attracted to the north, then the south, and in that way keeps spinning.

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    Make a fun optical illusion using a straw and two squares of card. This is a neat illusion that you will have a hard time believing. This town is atop a hill, by Ohio River, which is not easy to cross. Helium belongs to the group of noble gases. In half an hour, feel the water in each jar. You have to get on their email list. Write a definition of chemical reaction.

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    This experiment can also be done with your fingers, but pencils make the effect a bit more dramatic.

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