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It was not a good day for President Trump. Ukraine during his line of questioning. Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent. Ukrainians were ready to move forward. But, in answer to your question, Mr. Ukrainian side, understand there is this linkage. This story was originally published at nytimes. Normally these cables are notthey are third person. Trump told Zelensky in the call, referring to Shokin. And that is without question. Presidents would be useful. Keep as minimal as possible. Giuliani was not present. Trump told Ambassador Sondland he was not asking for a quid pro quo. NOW, how many major actions had you been involved in prior to this one? William Taylor wearing a bow tie that was later mocked by the president. And we were just orbiting around this one direction and then the other. Vice President Pence meets with President Zelenksy, and guess what?

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Did he take notes of what you were saying? So those are three separate pieces. Have you ever sent a cable like that? Now how many times you put down that day? And what did you understand that to mean? President Obama and President Medvedev. We were more or less operating on our own at times. IVell nor, Iwant to pursue that a little bit further. All in all the aid was held up until around September. Like I saw, sir, I have been up here five times. It did not work out that way. Add now and invest wisely. Zelensky from following through. You described it like this. How all of us could coordinate better, after I had left the office. And did you get a readout, Ambassador Taylor, initially from the call? Engel, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Rep. Department of the Ariily IG contacted me and asked me to testify. Lf a news media representative approaches you, he can only ask yo. Otherwise, I want members to feel free to ask any questions they like. It seems that this Oval Office meeting was a pivotal turning point in the Ukraine policy. One of the people on the Peers Board went to TTTest Point and told you not to talk about it? It is important to understand that a White House visit was critical to President Zelensky. If we left the way that I think we did, we would have approached it from the northwest. Congress does in carrying out its constitutional responsibilities, including this inquiry.

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Not to provide that would be folly. Morrison did not work in our directorate. West Wing at this particular juncture. So Ambassador Bolton opposed the call? Andlet me start by recogni zi ng Mr. During the same phone call with Mr. But you would agree it raises questions, right? Son My area, did you participate in that action? Get the app to read and listen anytime, anywhere. Ukrainian civil society answered the challenge. For what purpose does Mr. ROY: instead of being in here. Here is an aerial photogyaph. Captain, this is just Mr. And the American people have been lied to again and again on this. It is my understanding thatthe committee is following up on this matter. And was there any followup effort to closewith the Justice Department? Now a couple of things about this, first of all it has to be intentional. Texans running low on food are finding empty grocery store shelves. White house was william b taylor testimony transcript for that you? United States was trying to support Ukraine as a frontline state against Russian attack.

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Taylor wrote in a text message on Sept. US officials with Ukrainian counterparts. Morrison called to inform me that Mr. And Ukrainian officials were there? He urged Sondland to push back on Mr. Ukraine, according to text messages released Tuesday. For more info about the coronavirus, see cdc. Ukrainians, however powerful, were above the law. President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there. When yon leave the room, you will leave by that door. He was questioned for many hours. And none of those things matter. They turn to the other topic. Can you indicate on that aerial lnap behind you where you put down? She would be the first person from the Defense Department to testify. Ukraine agenda that was discussed, which is usual with these calls. Taylor has a long and distinguished career in government and military. The witnesses have made it absolutely clear what the president did. What interactions did he or his staff have with the whistleblower? Ambassador Sondland and Colonel Vindman, than with me about the meeting.

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